Can i spend US dollars in Australia?

Answer Bella B we are on our way to australia in the morning and I hope that not everybody is as rude as you. Personally speaking....we are bringing Australian currency however always carry extra $$ in... Read More »

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Did NASA spend 12 million dollars on a space pen?

Yes they did. Russia used a pencil! No this is completely false when NASA first began sending astronauts into space they didn't even have that much money to blow. The pen that astronauts in both R... Read More »

Why does the U.S. spend between 10 and 12 billion dollars a year fighting a herb?

To preserve profits for the pharmaceutical corporations.You see ... they cannot patent plants ... and therefore cannot make any money from them.So their answer is to bribe politicians and scientist... Read More »

I really want a good speaker system I can hook up to my droid but I want to spend no more then 50 dollars.?

Earbuds would be your best choice for the money. Shop around and you will be pleasantly surprised.Best.

I spend about 400 dollars yesterday on my sweet 16 party. is that alot does it seem worth it?

Ya,your only 16 once.Compared to mine yours was cheap I went to Australia for 3 weeks for my 16,Try footin' the bill for that!