How long would it take to read Wikipedia from cover to cover?

Answer Can't be done. Material is added faster than you can read.Start with something you're interested in.

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How many baked beans would it take to cover earths surface?

ok i worked it out (rough estimate)radius of earth = 6378.l km (6,378,100 meters)surface area of earth = 4*pi*radius^2 = 5.109 *10^14 square meters2 beans = 1 square centimeterso, the number of bea... Read More »

How long should a Belkin IPAD 2 cover take to charge?

Ram clip in way of radeon hd5450 plastic cover. Can I take plastic cover off?

You didn't post the link correctly. Can you repost it so we can check it out?

Would Condo insurance cover theft of personal items from car?

Check with your broker to verify that you have this coverage on your HO-6 condominium policy.