How long would it take my breasts to sag if I keep taping them down.....?

Answer i reckon they would take some taping, I am sure they are pert enough and will never sag

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When I refrigerate pudding cups, then take them out of the fridge and keep them out, can i still eat them?

Yes, that's fine. They aren't going to become poisonous by being chilled.

If someone in chemo got cornrows, how long would it take for them to fall out?

The more you stress the follicles, the faster the hair would fall out. If anything, cornrows would SPEED the hair loss.

I'm 17 years old and I have 40FF how long would it take to get them reducted from the NHS?

Well the sooner you see your doctor the sooner it will happen. From seeing your doctor to the actual operation is anything from 12 weeks to 16 weeks. .................

If I keep doing 30 push ups a day, How long it would it take for me to get a 4 pack?

Your abs hold your torso straight and stiff during push ups, so yes abs DO get worked rather significantly during push ups.If you dont have a tremendous amount of fat now you could start to see def... Read More »