How long would it take to walk around the US?

Answer IF THE AVG PERSON WALKS AT 1.5 MPH and the perimiter of the usa is 7610.5m then it takes about 5,073.66666666666666666666666666 hours                                ... Read More »

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How to Survive a Long Walk?

Many adults and kids find themselves in a painful, or even dangerous situation when they undertake a long walk. Being prepared will increase your enjoyment while decreasing the risk involved in lon... Read More »

Would you like to go for a long walk along the beach with me?

no cos i don't walk with strangers but u sound friendly :P

How long will it take to walk 650 feet?

How to Survive a Long Walk (for Kids)?

Believe it or not, long, hard, boring walks can be made more enjoyable. Whether your parents have dragged you to the Alps, Derbyshire or the Lake District, walking can be made bearable.