How long would it take for this kind of burn to heal WARNING: GRAPHIC?

Answer that was burning hot oil, which would usually cause a 3rd degree burn which doesn't technically heal, (not properly anyway), it would scar and it would be pretty bad scars, for the skin to actually... Read More »

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How long will it take my burn to heal?

A least a week. Don't pop the blister. Real burns from a fire takemonths to heal; for the body to make new skin.

How long does it take for a scrape/burn to heal?

How long will my burn blister take to heal?

It depends how large the blister is. Half an inch wide, you said, but is it protruding a lot? i.e. is it almost flat or is it raised considerably? The flatter it is the quicker it will heal since t... Read More »

How long till my burn area to heal?

First of all, I would suggest putting a sterile non-stick dressage over the affected area to avoid it getting affected. And for you're initial question: How long will it be to heal. It all depends ... Read More »