How long would it take for light from the sun to travel to Pluto?

Answer Light from the sun reaches Pluto in approximately 5.3 hours. In comparison, light from the sun reaches earth in approximately eight minutes. So it takes approximately 40 times longer for sunlight t... Read More »

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How long would it take nasa to travel a light year?

There is currently no technology that would enable human astronauts, from NASA or from any other organization, to travel one light year. There are some theoretical proposals for ideas that might wo... Read More »

How Long Does it Take for Light From the Sun to Travel All the Way to Earth?

The Sun is the star at the center of our solar system, which lights and heats the planet Earth. It takes varying amounts of time for light from the Sun to reach a planet depending on how far away i... Read More »

How long would it take to travel from..New Zealand.?

About 4 hours dpending on road conditions and peak times in auckland allow at least 5 hours for a small stop

How long does light take to travel from the star Alpha Centauri to Earth?

Light from Alpha Centauri travels 4.3 light years to reach Earth. A light year is a unit of distance that light can travel in one year, which is equal to 9.5 trillion kilometers. Alpha Centauri app... Read More »