How long would it last?

Answer The shelf life of all produce also depends upon the variety, how ripe they were when picked, and how they were stored after picking and prior to distribution to the retail store. Hard winter apple... Read More »

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How long would a 1 GB memory last?

Hun that 1gb is your RAM.. (Random access memory which makes your computer do more things at once)Not your hard drive.A Hard drive is the thing that holds all the files and the 120 is the minimum t... Read More »

How long would Calor gas last in a heater?

If a heater is running at approximately 3 kilowatts, Calor gas should last for about 68.5 hours in a 15-kilogram cylinder. The cylinder should be about 80 to 87 percent full, leaving space for the ... Read More »

How long do you think that YOU would last in the BB house...?

Not long for me either Doc, suffering fools is not something I well, I would take great delight in being as cutting as possible. Their poor fragile egos just couldn't take it.

How long would 100,000 gb last if i recorded straight of video?

It depends very much on the recording mode you choose. If you go for the upper end Protune mode, you are looking at over 45 megabytes per second. As you are not stupid I'll leave it to you to calcu... Read More »