How long would a french horn be if uncurled?

Answer A French horn would be approximately 15 feet long if completely uncurled. The French horn is part of the brass family of musical instruments and is noted for its tightly coiled tubing.Source:St. Lo... Read More »

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Why is the French horn called the French horn?

Leader of the brass section, the French horn bears both a distinctive sound and shape. Widely used, the French horn has evolved since its meager beginnings as a simple horn made from animals.Histor... Read More »

How to Improvise on the French Horn?

The french horn is the most complex of all the brass family of instruments. Aside from the fact that it uses the left hand, making a french horn sound great isn't hard if you know how to play, but ... Read More »

How to Clean a French Horn?

The French Horn is a beautiful instrument, but like any other instrument it will get dirty, there are a few ways to go about cleaning it.

How to Bathe a French Horn?

It may seem simple, but these are delicate instruments and it's easy to get wrong! Little mistakes can cause huge problems and be massively expensive to fix, so it's best to avoid the mistakes in t... Read More »