How long will your profile stay activated on Facebook after you die?

Answer his profile will stay there unless someone who has his password and user name goes into his account and deactivates the account. it won't be deleted, but after deactivation it would have to be acti... Read More »

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I activated my facebook account and now my profile pictures and albums are gone!?

you have to wait 24 hours before everything goes back to normal…facebook was having problems with people deactivating and reactivating too often, so they p... Read More »

How long will raw salmon stay good in a fridge after purchased?

Fresh fish may be stored one to two days. Most fresh seafood should be used the day you buy it. After two days it's best to check it to be sure it's still good and then freeze it till you plan to u... Read More »

How long after mixing baby cereal with formula will it stay good?

How long will a package of turkey bacon stay fresh in the refrigerator after being opened?