How long will your profile stay activated on Facebook after you die?

Answer his profile will stay there unless someone who has his password and user name goes into his account and deactivates the account. it won't be deleted, but after deactivation it would have to be acti... Read More »

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I activated my facebook account and now my profile pictures and albums are gone!?

you have to wait 24 hours before everything goes back to normal…facebook was having problems with people deactivating and reactivating too often, so they p... Read More »

How to Add a Picture to a Profile That Has Not Had One in a Long Time on Facebook?

A Facebook profile photo is the photo displayed on a member's profile page and also appears as a tiny thumbnail next to each "Status Update" and "Comment." If you created a Facebook account but nev... Read More »

Question for Facebook users: How long does it usually take to upload a profile pic?

It only takes a minute or two, but a few times it just wouldn't load for me. I think it's something w/ facebook. This is a brand new computer.

How to Update a Profile Picture to a Facebook Profile From an iPhone?

Social networking sites like Facebook allow you to update your friends and family about your latest adventures --- even when you're on the go. Mobile Facebook applications, like the one available f... Read More »