How long will this take to heal?

Answer Not that long if your careful with it and don''t sprain it again.

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How long will this take to heal..?

I've had to deal with that too! It sucks. Just get the shower head and rinse real well down there. That's all you can really do. And next time just use some baby wash or vagisil (which is what it's... Read More »

Please help.. how long will this take to heal.. :(?

didnt you ask this question yesterday? ya, ya you did.

Do scratches usually take this long to heal...?

you kept them to moist and that is why they scared now you are not perfect so sorry but welcome to the real world

How long will it take my burn to heal?

A least a week. Don't pop the blister. Real burns from a fire takemonths to heal; for the body to make new skin.