How long will the effects of Percocet last?

Answer On One Hand: General Time RangePercocet, a pharmaceutical that combines oxycodone with acetaminophen, is a pain reliever whose effects generally last six to eight hours or more. The acetaminophen i... Read More »

Top Q&A For: How long will the effects of Percocet last long will the effects last?

It will depend on the anesthetic used and how much was administered. Novacaine is no longer used, but you may have had lidocaine or carbocaine or one of many others. Some are short acting, while ... Read More »

How long do opiate withdrawal effects last?

Opiate withdrawal can be a painful process which causes cold sweats, nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, depression and much more. Depending on the user's intake of opiates, withdrawal can last anywhere fro... Read More »

How long do the effects of a cardio workout last?

Last quite a while; there are many good effects of cardio, raising mood is one; it also keeps the blood vessels flexible.

How long do the effects of lasik surgery last?

LASIK surgery generally produces permanent vision correction, so your eyesight should remain stable for the rest of your life. Regression is rare, and a second LASIK surgery can correct any signs o... Read More »