How long will the FAFSA take to fill out?

Answer Give yourself a good hour if this is your first time filling. It is best to wait until you finish all your taxes so that you can give them your parents', and your income. Otherwise they will ask yo... Read More »

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How long will my FAFSA Verification Worksheet take to process?

You can plan on not receiving financial aid in time for the Spring 2012 semester, being as you're about 6 months LATE in applying. Odds are you will not receive your award letter in time to start c... Read More »

If I will be entering college in the fall of 2013, do I fill out the 2013-2014 FAFSA When does it come out?

DO NOT fill out the 2012-13 application.DO fill out the 2012-14 application, when it becomes available sometime after Jan.2, 2013.

How long does fafsa financial aid take to get approved.?

Here is a run-down of the FAFSA timeline:You will receive a response back from the processing center in approximately 2-3 weeks from the date that you file your FAFSA. This is called a Student Aid ... Read More »

How long does it take for a new hot tub to fill&get warm?

The time it takes to fill your new hot tub will depend on how many gallons of water the tub holds and the method, such as a garden hose, used to fill the tub. The hot tub will take between five and... Read More »