How long will raw beef last in the refrigerator?

Answer Answer GROUND MEATS can last in the refrigerator - 1 to 2 days freezer - 3 to 4 months this seems short but better safe than sorry.

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How long can beef set out of the refrigerator after cooking it?

no more than four hours. The danger zone for food is 4 degrees to 60 degrees. It can only stay in that zone for four hours after that it begins to spoil. Another perspective Four hours is too lon... Read More »

How long can you keep beef tenderloin in refrigerator?

I am told you can keep beef tenderloin in the refrigerateor for a week ( that is if its fresh when you buy it ) If its frozen I am told you can keep it refrigerated fo 2 days."Color of Beef Beef mu... Read More »

How long can uncooked beef stay in refrigerator?

till around about its expiry date ,which is always on the packing.

How long does cooked beef mince keep in refrigerator?

It really depends on how you've cooked and stored it, but for the sake of this answer I'll assume it's been handled well..... My general rule is: The night you cooked it, plus two.. If it's stil... Read More »