How long will poultry keep in the refrigerator?

Answer about 1-2 days. Poultry is very susceptible to bacteria growth, even in refrigeration, and should not be eaten after that amount of time.

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How long can you keep tea in the refrigerator?

you can keep tea in a refrigerater forever as long as you dont take it out

How long can ham be kept out of the refrigerator?

This food should be kept out of the danger zone. Room temperature is the danger zone. An hour at room temperature bacteria begins to grow on foods.

How long do crablegs last in the refrigerator?

How long can pork be kept in the refrigerator?

On One Hand: Store Raw Until "Best by" DateRaw pork can be stored inside a refrigerator until the expiration or best-by date on the meat packaging. Once the best-by date arrives, pork must either b... Read More »