How long will my leg take to recover from being stabbed with a pitchfork?

Answer A long time I think.. just take it easy. Do not take tramadol unless you don't mind terrible nightmares. My Mum had to take them after she had a hip replacement&she had terrible night terrors every... Read More »

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If you were stabbed in the throat, would you be able to scream How long would it take to die?

wow this screenplay is morbid.Depends If the knife severed the carotid artery , it could cause profuse and pulsatile bleeding, causing blood pressure to drop significantly , then death would occur ... Read More »

What is a pitchfork useful for?

Hay, Staw and running off those young Hormonal Teen Guys who are looking to deflower my daughter

What is the devil's pitchfork called?

The devil's pitchfork is called a trident and is used by the gods Neptune, Poseidon and Shiva. A trident, according to the Free Dictionary website is "A long, three-pronged fork or weapon."Source:S... Read More »

Can I get a direct link to audio on pitchfork?

Not likely, at least not easily. Sites like this get money via advertising on the SITE. if people download and listen to it on their PC the company doesn't really benefit. However there are always ... Read More »