How long will my iCharge emergency phone charger work on one AA battery?

Answer While the battery capacities and consumption rates vary among cellphone handsets, the iCharge emergency charger adds multiple hours of talk time to your cellphone off of a single AA battery charge.... Read More »

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My phone charger don't work?

sure you can buy a new one, they sell them in all kinds of stores... but it might not be the charger, it might be the port in the phone or the battery... you can use a USB cord connected to a power... Read More »

Will a u.s. car cell phone charger work in european cars?

Yes, you can use the same cell phone charger in European cars that is used in American cars. Cell phone chargers will work in most cars, no matter where they are from. If concerned, check with the ... Read More »

Will the higher the mAh in cell phone case charger for samsung s3 damage phone or help it?

maH is just capacity and wont hurt anything, as long as the voltage is correct .. if you are talking 'ma' as in current, you should keep that about the same ..

I pushed my phone charger in too hard and it broke the little gold things inside my phone. Now it tweaking.?

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