How long will my friend need braces probably?

Answer I had a somewhat similar situation to your friend. I wore braces for like 4 years. I also had 4 of my adult teeth removed to make room for my "essential" teeth to have room to straighten out. My... Read More »

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How long will I need braces?

It doesn't hurt alot :) i am 15 and I had braces for 1 year and a month , I got mine off in April :).Also my bottom teeth used to come over my top too! snap :P Don't dread it , honestly lots of pe... Read More »

What type of teeth do i have and how long will i need braces?

I had every problem imaginable, dental wise. I had to have my maxilla, upper jaw, widened with a painful metal spacer bar, i had to have full braces, I had to have little rubber bands on my braces ... Read More »

I am turning 59 in a couple of months and am wonderng probably when will I die and probably of what?

Hmm...I don't believe you come with an expiration date...check the bottom of your foot.. Just kidding..but really there is no accurate way of predicting this. You could live a long life, or you c... Read More »

Will I need braces?

Well, I think you will. I just got braces on Saturday. One question - Did any of your parents have braces when they were younger? Because, if so, then you will need braces, because it's simply in y... Read More »