Once electricity is out how long will frozen food last in a freezer?

Answer Your freezer will stay frozen for several hours after a power outage. So will the contents. If the power is restored within 24 to 48 hrs the food should be okay.Edit: Actually, when our power was o... Read More »

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How long does frozen fish last in the freezer?

When sealed properly and stored at a temperature of 0 degrees F (-18 C) or lower, shellfish, smoked fish and fatty fish such as salmon can be stored in the freezer for three to four months. Leaner ... Read More »

How long does frozen meat last in the freezer?

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service, frozen meat can last indefinitely. But for optimum quality, the service recommends keeping uncooked red meat, pork and whole chicken no longer t... Read More »

How long can you keep frozen shrimp in the freezer?

If the shrimp are in their shell, they can safely be stored for 6 to 12 months in your freezer. Peeled and deveined shrimp do not last as long--approximately three to six months. What's Cooking Ame... Read More »

Your power was out for 23 hours Is the food in the refrigerator and freezer still safe?

The food in the freezer might still be OK. The food in the refrigerator is a different story. If potentially hazardous items like meat and milk have reached temperatures over 40°F for more than 2 ... Read More »