How long will my braces hurt?

Answer For me they would hurt for about 2-3 days after i would go in to have them tightened/adjusted. I know the pain you feel, I remember jello hurting... hang in there it will be worth it.... Trust Me.

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How long will my mouth hurt after i get my braces on?

the third day is the worst.after that its not really that bad

How long do braces hurt When will I get used to them?

MWAHAHA I JUST GOT FREED FROM THAT HELL! I GOT MINE OFF YESTERDAY!and they stop after a few days, you would be surprised at how fast you will, however if you have rubberbands connecting your top te... Read More »

How long will elastic bands hurt/stay on (braces)?

don't despair. remember how sore your mouth was when you first got your braces? bands are the same way.... the pain will probably last about a week, but keep wearing the bands. try taking tylenol t... Read More »

I just got braces. How long will it take before it doesnt hurt when i eat hard foods?

depends on you pain tolerance. when i had braces, i forced myself to eat regular food an hour after i had them put in. it hurt like hell but my teeth stopped feeling sensitive later that day. my... Read More »