How long will motor oil be good for?

Answer How long motor oil lasts depends on your driving habits and on the type of oil used. If you start your car often, take lots of very short trips, and drive in dusty areas, the oil may last only 1,00... Read More »

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How long is a living will good for in MA?

A living will is a legal document that specifies an individual's desires with regard to the use of life-sustaining medical treatment in the event that he is no longer able to make decisions. A livi... Read More »

How long will latex paint stay good in the can?

According to the University of Missouri Extension, "latex paint is usable if it is less than ten years old and has not been repeatedly frozen and thawed." Store paint cans upside down. Test the qua... Read More »

How long will pinto beans stay good?

USAID maintains that dried pinto beans have a shelf life of at least one year. If they are stored in a dry location, they can keep for five to eight years, according to Preparedness Resource.Source... Read More »

How long will an uncooked brisket stay good in the fridge?