How long will meat and cheese tray last?

Answer Optimally the day you need it should be the day you prepare it, but if it has to be made in advance than no more than 24 hours in advance, and make sure everything is well sealed and refrigerated a... Read More »

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Cheeseburgers = grilled cheese w/meat?

No, no, no!!!Grilled cheese with meat = 1) cured meat of some kind2) bun slathered in butter and then grilledNow I want a grilled swiss on rye with tomatoes for lunch. Thanks a lot!

Can you cook cheese&meat&be kosher?

Kosher--or kashrut--refers to Jewish laws for food and food preparation. Kosher laws restrict eating and cooking meat and dairy together. Meat and dairy cannot be eaten at the same meal, so cooking... Read More »

What can i eat in a sandwich instead of cheese I dont eat meat!!!?

sliced eggplant (used in a lot of dishes like lasagna instead of meat)sliced avocadoThen drink some low cal milk or soy milk or eat some nonfat yogurt to make sure you are getting some calcium.

Whats a good meat to mix in kraft mac n cheese?

Ham is good or both lil smokies and ham. hamburger isnt all that tasty. I mix mac and cheese, peas and ham and green onion. Its really good especially when baked