How can I get my long distant ex boyfriend back when he loves someone else a long distance relationship going is extremely difficult she is younger works with him she is more successful?

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What should your boyfriend do if his mom left him at her ex-boyfriend's house and she beats him for no reason and throws his stuff out and blames it on her ex-boyfriend?

Answer He needs to call the police or talk to someone at school who can call social services and get him out of that house. It is a horrible life to go through and you should do the best you can to... Read More »

How to Tell Your Parents About Your Long Distance Boyfriend?

Oh, no! You've bagged the guy of your dreams, and you can't wait to tell your parents. Only problem is, it's a long distance relationship. Even if it's going great, telling your parents can be tric... Read More »

How to Abstain from Sex With Your Long Term Boyfriend?

In some societies, religions, or simply personal preference, people may choose to abstain from sexual intercourse with their significant other until marriage. If you want to stay sex-free with your... Read More »

How to Keep Your Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship?

A long distance relationship, they can be difficult. Chances are if you're reading this the one thing you don't want to happen, is for it to end. The number one problem that faces girls in long dis... Read More »