How long will it take to install SKY internet and home phone line?

Answer Cancel it they are robbers, Once they get you they put the price up monthly. I found that out.

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Is it possible to get internet without a home phone line?

Yes, you can get satellite internet, although it has expensive start up costs and is generally slower, or you can get high speed internet through broadband access. Broadband runs through a cable an... Read More »

Ways to Connect to Internet Without a Home Phone Line?

Traditional Internet connections such as dial up and DSL make use of your home phone line in order to get Internet access. More and more people are losing their home phones in lieu of mobile servic... Read More »

Will a dedicated phone line increase my DSL Internet speed?

DSL, or digital subscriber line, runs on the opposite pair on wires on your phone line which does not interfere with your actually voice lines. Having a second line will not improve your speed as t... Read More »

What bus line will take you to Stone Ridge, NY from Jamaica, Long Island?

Stone Ridge, NY is located more than 200 miles away from towns in Long Island, NY. The local New York city bus line (MTA) does not take passengers directly from Jamaica (Queens), Long Island to Sto... Read More »