How long will it take my ligament to heal.?

Answer An athelete who wants to compete will listen to the Doctor/Physical Therapist. even if it means missing one season. Remember, you need that ligament to support you for the rest of your life.

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How long it will take if I break my ankle ligament and undergo surgery It is a total ligament rupture. ?

I had the same surgery in march so about 5 months ago or 150 days. It has taken me about 120 days to start to walk a little normally and they reckon 9 months to feel fully. You ankle is healing nor... Read More »

How long will it take for my finger to heal?

If this is the same one you asked about a month ago, I'd have it checked.

How long will a deep cut take to heal?

Was there a pus development? A gooey yellowish liquid?You just keep it tight (but not too tight to turn it blue), then keep the bandage as is (try not to soil the bandage so you won't move and chan... Read More »

How long will a broken toe take to heal?

it will be livable in about 3 weeks but healed in about 6 weeks. problem with a pinkie toe break is that for some reason you will always hit it on something and re-injuring could be a problem if yo... Read More »