How long will it take my collar bone to heal?

Answer It is the most unstable in the first 2 weeks. Then, it will start to heal together with new bone in 3-4 weeks. This should make it nearly painfree. complete healing in 6-8 weeks, with remodeling of... Read More »

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How to Heal from a Broken Collar Bone?

Got a broken collar bone? This how-to will show you tips and tactics to help heal your collar bone fairly quickly!

How long does it take for a bone bruise to heal?

On One Hand: A Few DaysA bone bruise occurs when there is bleeding under the fibrous periosteum, the outer covering of bone. If the bleeding is minimal, the body will simply reabsorb the fluid and ... Read More »

If cracked or badly bruised your tail long does it take to "heal" itself?

If you have actually cracked your tailbone, then it will take about one day for every year of your age to mend (e.g. if you are 21, it will take three weeks). Of course it depends how bad the crac... Read More »

How do I get rid of a zit on my collar bone?

pop it, and put an anti-septic &/or anti-bacterial on it.spots are caused by bacteria, they eat skin pore secretions, and your body responds to the bacteria build up by attacking them - if there's ... Read More »