How long will it take me to get sober?

Answer well at any size or weight, it takes your liver 1 hour to process 1 unit of alcohol. Beer contains about 2 units. so scientifically you would be drunk for the next 8 hours. but the effect will star... Read More »

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I'm sober, it's 10:30 and haven't gone to bed sober for years, how do I get to sleep?

watch gltterball gauranteed ten mins you will be asleep lmao

How long will it take for an iPhone 4S take to get to your house if it was 24 hours?

You can stretch the picture of the videos by tapping the feature when the video's are playing.

How long will it take me to dig a hole 6' long,3' wide and 6' deep?

Can't you get your lov......sorry a friend to help?

How long will this take me to fall asleep when will i get tired?

You have to get off the computer, get into bed and turn the lights off. The lights are very important. You may fall asleep before you even realize you're sleepy.>