How long will it take for the perineal abscess on my anus to heal?

Answer I bet that is really sore? okay Here is something that will help. It is commonly call St Johns wart because of the plant the extract is made from. the extract can be purchased in different solution... Read More »

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How long does an abscess last?

Apply a hot washcloth to hit several times a day. Add a little vinegar if you have it.If this doesn't bring it to a head in a day or so, doctor time.

How does an acute abscess develop into a chronic abscess?

Your body will fight the infection, building a thin wall around the end of the root, and containing the pus that is leaking . In many cases the initial pain and swelling go away, but the chronic ... Read More »

How long does it take a hollow socket to heal after the removal of wisdom teeth if it isn't painful and there's no blood and how long before you can smoke?

Answer The hole should heal after about a month. The area will slowly solidify and you will not notice any indentation six months later.How long before you can smoke? Never! It is a good time t... Read More »

Can a perineal reflex improve?