How long will it take for my virginity to grow back?

Answer It grows back every time you change your avatar so just change it and you'll have a brand new cherry in no time!

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How long will it take to have my virginity back........?

Sorry, but once you lose your virginity it's gone. Some people may say that you can get re-baptized to become a virgin again, but that is probably the most stupid advice someone could give.Religion... Read More »

I got 3&1/2 inches aprox. cut off my hair, I hate it. How long will it take to grow back?

Depending how you take care of your hair it could take 3-6 months!My main advice is to condition A LOT!

I shaved a part of my eyebrow how long do you think it will take to fully grow back?

My brother was really stupid and shaved off both of his eyebrows on purpose... It took a month for them to grow back

How long will it take for hair too grow back to shoulder length if you shaved your head?

I heard that most hair grows 1/2 an inch every month. I don't know much about this .. So .. I hope I helped!