How long will it take for my injury to heal?

Answer It will heal just fine. Keep applying your Vit E oil and it will be fine

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Possible wrist flexor tendon injury, how long will it take to heal?

What is the best treatment for a groin injury and how long does it take to heal?

Give it at least two weeks. You are already fit, so it should not take longer...Ease into working out again.I threw my back and knee out on a machine..ow.

How long will it take my finger to heal?

Ow. Depends on how deep the cut was and how fast you heal. It should feel better in a week.

How long will it take my mouth to heal?

Well, I had my top one out on Monday - I still can't chew on that side (afraid to lose the blood clot and get dry socket), and it still feels tender. I think if you have the bottom ones pulled, it ... Read More »