How long will it take for my body to heal its self Neck cracking and popping.?

Answer Neck is tough, I've been dealing with a problem myself. Neck exercises help. But since the x-ray shows normal you might benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, the vertebrae can be just a little ... Read More »

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Ankle keeps popping/cracking?

Make sure you use good arch supports and good supportive shoes. You don't want trouble with those ligaments and tendons. The popping usually means the joint is irritated. If you don't take good car... Read More »

Knee Popping/Cracking 16 years old?

I still can't believe it. People have health problems, and they would rather trust their health and their life with a perfect stranger, on the internet, who has absolutely no medical training---rat... Read More »

Why do houses make popping and cracking noises?

Really the answer depends on how old your house is? If new it is just what several others have already said it is settling and this will go on for the next several years. If the house is old you ... Read More »

Is cracking your neck bad?

If you are a chronic neck-popper, you are very likely stretching the ligaments which support and stabilize your neck joints. Stretched ligaments result in a condition called hypermobility in which ... Read More »