How long will it take for a glass splinter to come out?

Answer A very long time. And it will be painful. I would get it out, because when walking you may push it further. You may have to cut some skin off to get it. Trust me, I didnt wanna cut any skin off, so... Read More »

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I stepped on a small splinter of broken glass?

Find yourself a bucket and fill it half full with hot salt water. Soak your foot in there for about 20 minutes, or until the water is cool. Remove your foot, dry it off, put some triple antibioti... Read More »

Will a glass splinter become infected if I don't remove it from my foot?

It probably will. You really should try to get it out.

I Have had a splinter for a long time How do I remove it?

I would see a doctor to have it removed. I stepped on a toothpick once and knew I didnt get it all the way out, but thought it would work its way out to the surface. About 2 years later I woke up o... Read More »

A glass of Pepsi A glass of Apple Juice Or a glass of Lemonade Which from this list do u like better?

Hmm... Lemonade sounds good since it's so hot out today, although I usually prefer apple juice (as long as it's ice cold).Lemonade it is ;) Goodnight Scooter!