How long will it take for a cut to heal naturally?

Answer Anywhere from a week to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the cut, the deepness, and make sure you DO NOT pick at the scabs even if they itch this will cause the cut to take a longer time to heal.H... Read More »

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How long will it take for my finger to heal?

If this is the same one you asked about a month ago, I'd have it checked.

How long will it take my finger to heal?

Ow. Depends on how deep the cut was and how fast you heal. It should feel better in a week.

How long will this take to heal..?

I've had to deal with that too! It sucks. Just get the shower head and rinse real well down there. That's all you can really do. And next time just use some baby wash or vagisil (which is what it's... Read More »

How long will a broken toe take to heal?

it will be livable in about 3 weeks but healed in about 6 weeks. problem with a pinkie toe break is that for some reason you will always hit it on something and re-injuring could be a problem if yo... Read More »