How long will it take a private loan to give me money for school?

Answer They should be able to disperse the loan to the school within days (or whenever the school asks for it).

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How long does it take to get your home loan money?

If you are purchasing a home, it can days as long as 30 days to finalize all the paperwork for your home purchase. If you are refinancing a home, it takes around 14 days to get your money. In both ... Read More »

How long do i wait for my student loan after money has been disbursed to my school?

Each school has its own refund disbursement date. Some are soon after classes start and some are not until the middle of the semester. Call your financial aid office and ask when the refund disbu... Read More »

What happens to remaining money from a private student loan?

Yes, you will. But be careful with that money, and spend it wisely.Keep these things in mind:1. The lender made that loan on the basis of your school's estimate of approximately what it will cost y... Read More »

If I die, will my cosigner (mom) still have to pay my private loan?

Yes, if you die your PRIVATE loan will have to be repaid by your cosigner. It doesn't matter how you die, or even if you haven't graduated yet. The other posters are right. The lenders just wan... Read More »