How long will it take a human baby to open its eyes after birth?

Answer Babies can open their eyes when they are born. In fact, they have been looking around in mother's tummy for about 15 weeks before this.

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How many bones are in a human baby's body at birth?

At birth babies are born with about 300 to 350 bones in the body. As humans get older the bones begin to fuse with one another and an adult human will average 216 bones.References:Beyond Biology: B... Read More »

Why did your baby have very clear eyes at birth?

There is nothing like absolutely normal weight for a given age. It also depends on birth weight. Babies gain about 600grams per month for the first six months. The birth weight is approximately dou... Read More »

When do baby otters open their eyes?

Otter pups generally begin to open their eyes for the first time about four weeks after they are born (28 to 30 days). This time frame can differ slightly, depending on the individual and the speci... Read More »

Is anything wrong when a baby doesn't open its eyes?

well its always a good sign if his/her heart is still beating, but its perfectly alright, babies eyes are new and keep them open for a long time, if they close them its perfecty alright (well tht i... Read More »