How long will a spacesave spare tyre last until it bursts or will it not burst if i keep under a speed limit.?

Answer Have a look on side wall all notices are there what ever the tyre.…

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If I let my hair grow out until January how long will it be?

It depends on the pace of the growth of your hair. If you remember how long was your hair two month ago, you can approximately guess you much longer they will have been by January 2013. Note that i... Read More »

I have a sunburn on my legs. How long will it be until the redness goes away?

a few days, maybe a week. apply aloe vera, it helps! best wishes

How long will it take until I'll be pain free from my Spinal Fusion?

I have had this surgery to when i was 14 so really know of the pain involved,mine became infected but 3 months later and it was very sore as they cleaned it out,but pain from the fusion started to ... Read More »

How long will it be until I can carry on as normal after having my testicle removed by an operation?

If you are feeling good now, and as recovered as you say, I don't think the walking and sitting will be a problem. Just take care and enjoy your leisure time :)