How long will it be before i get a check?

Answer this sounds like a school loan, if it is, the check goes to your school's financial aid department and not to you.

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How long can I hold a check before cashing it?

You may hold a check up to 6 months before cashing it. After 6 months, no bank is legally required to honor the check, although many do. Different banks have varying policies. Check with your bank ... Read More »

How long can you hold a tax check before you need to cash it?

According to IRS Publication 17, refund checks must be cashed within one year of the issue date. If the check is not cashed within that time frame, the IRS will cancel the check and retain the proc... Read More »

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How long before&after a meal should you check your glucose level?

A person should test their glucose (blood sugar) levels just before a meal and then again one or two hours after the meal. The tests help determine how meals, activities and medication are affectin... Read More »