How long will grilled chicken last in the refrigerator before spoiling?

Answer If it is stored in an airtight container it can last up to 5 days. It will last longer if frozen. Freezing is better.

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How long can cooked shrimp stay out of refrigerator before spoiling?

Bacteria can start to grow on foods left out of the refrigerator or left at room temperature in an hour. The longer the food is in the danger temperature zone (under 145 degrees and over 45 degrees... Read More »

How long will homemade chicken broth last in the refrigerator?

As a general rule of thumb, food, if refrigerated, can be kept three days from production date. It should be kept at or below 5C. Once reheated a second time, it should be thrown, NEVER reheat rehe... Read More »

How long does alcohol last before spoiling?

There are two types of alcohols in this world. I call them live and distilled. Live alcohols are those that still have active yeast in them, such as wine or beer. If opened, these alcohols must ... Read More »

How long will chicken salad keep in a refrigerator?

Store-bought chicken salad keeps for about three to five days in a refrigerator 40 degrees F or below. Because commercially made products use preservatives, they can keep longer than homemade. One ... Read More »