How long will flour tortillas keep in the refrigerator?

Answer until they grow mold

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How long will unopened flour keep in fridge?

At least a year. Flour usually has a "use by" date, but if you refrigerate it unopened in the original package, it will last many months beyond that. You can extend it even further by putting it ... Read More »

How long will poultry keep in the refrigerator?

about 1-2 days. Poultry is very susceptible to bacteria growth, even in refrigeration, and should not be eaten after that amount of time.

How long will refried beans keep in the refrigerator?

Refried beans, a common part of Mexican cuisine, will keep in the refrigerator for two or three days before spoiling. Canned refried beans that have been opened should be used within two days of be... Read More »

How long will whipping cream keep in the refrigerator?

On One Hand: In Unopened CartonIf whipping cream is purchased and then immediately placed in the refrigerator in its unopened carton, the shelf life is about 10 days. According to the United States... Read More »