How long will blu-ray players stay on pause?

Answer Yes you can you can youtube the rest

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How long do the batteries on portable DVD players last for?

It depends on how much do you use your DVD player. And what is the firm mark of DVD.If batteries are rechargable they can last 2-3 days.But other way, they can last 6 months.

How long will VCR players continue to be made?

You can still buy players for Vinyl records - and there are thousands and thousands of VHS video cassettesaround the world - I think it will be a very long time yet before the humble VCR leaves us ... Read More »

How long do you stay at Top Gun?

I am an American fighting in the forces which guard our country and our way of life.

Can you assist two trumpet players and two trombone players with their songs - at the same time?