How long will analog TVs work?

Answer Analog televisions will never stop working, according to the Federal Communications Commission. You can simply buy an analog-to-digital converter for your TV. Additionally as of 2009, low-power tel... Read More »

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Will a cable HD receiver work on an analog TV?

An HD cable receiver will work on an analog TV set, but only for receiving standard definition cable channels. You will need an HD TV set to receive high definition channels on your cable service.S... Read More »

Will my analog VCR work with my high definition TV?

An analog VCR can be hooked up to a high definition (HD) television, but it has to be connected through an additional source such as a cable box, satellite receiver or HD converter using an RF inpu... Read More »

Will an analog TV work with an HDTV signal?

As of June 21, 2009, any person with an analog TV will not receive the digital signal without having a digital converter box hooked up to the analog TV, or without subscribing to satellite TV or ca... Read More »

Will an analog TV work without a cable box after 2009?

After 2009, the analog TV will only work without a cable box if you have a digital converter box hooked up to the TV. Analog TVs that are receiving a signal through cable or satellite dish do not n... Read More »