How long will an ear drain after it bursts?

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How long will a spacesave spare tyre last until it bursts or will it not burst if i keep under a speed limit.?

Have a look on side wall all notices are there what ever the tyre.…

Shower drain that drains fine but there is always water in the drain and after a day the water smells you have snaked the drain and used various draino type products with no change?

Answer As you found out Chemicals are useless and in many cases snaking is not going to work to get rid of smells. The water you do see is possibly the water in the trap that keeps dangerous sewer... Read More »

How long will a burst eardrum drain?

A ruptured tympanic membrane (aka - a burst ear-drum) will drain pus and mucus from the middle ear until the hole within the tympanic membrane has sealed over. Therapy usually involves antibiotic e... Read More »

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