How long will a tank of propane last for a grill?

Answer On One Hand: Grill VariablesGrills use propane at widely differing rates. Larger, more powerful grills generally use more propane. Gas flow affects how much propane is used. Grilling on high heat, ... Read More »

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How long will a 330 gallon tank of propane last on a 150,000 btu heater?

Since 1 gallon of propane equals 91,600 BTUs, 330 gallons of propane equal 30,228,000 BTUs. If the heater burns 150,000 BTUs per hour, 30,228,000 BTUs will last approximately 201.52 hours.Reference... Read More »

How long does a propane tank last?

Propane longevity depends on the BTUs required by the grill or other appliance. On average, a grill requiring 30,000 BTU per hour will last approximately 9 hours. Weather also plays a role.Source:B... Read More »

How long should a propane tank last?

A standard propane tank contains 20 pounds of propane and can produce 21,400 BTUs per pound. At maximum heat a propane burner will burn 54,000 BTUs per hour which equates to roughly 7.9 hours of p... Read More »

How long does a 20-pound propane tank last?

A propane tank in good condition can last over a decade; but due to variations in materials used in tank construction, storage conditions, climate and other considerations, there is no set expirati... Read More »