How long will a scraped knee hurt?

Answer On One Hand: One Day and One WeekA skinned knee usually stops hurting once left alone within a day of skinning it. It will heal over the course of a week, during which it will hurt if bumped or rub... Read More »

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HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I scraped me knee on on some concrete bricks. What do I do How long does it take to heal?

Rub some Neosporin on the cuts and wait, it wont heal that quickly but it will heal faster. Put Band-aids on them to help prevent infection. Don't worry I felt the same way about my cuts after tri... Read More »

I have inner knee pain when i walk, and sometimes my hip joint aches also. just moving my knee will hurt the?

Take a proper treatment from joint pain specialist and I hope that will help you better. . .

I scraped my knee and now there's pus?

Use some alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide, you are going to be okay.

I scraped my knee but it's not scabbing. Read description please?

If you wan't it to scab you need to let it oxidize. Once it scabs put some topical antibiotics and a bandade on it.Goodluck!