How long will a scraped knee hurt?

Answer On One Hand: One Day and One WeekA skinned knee usually stops hurting once left alone within a day of skinning it. It will heal over the course of a week, during which it will hurt if bumped or rub... Read More »

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HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I scraped me knee on on some concrete bricks. What do I do How long does it take to heal?

Rub some Neosporin on the cuts and wait, it wont heal that quickly but it will heal faster. Put Band-aids on them to help prevent infection. Don't worry I felt the same way about my cuts after tri... Read More »

I scraped my knee and now there's pus?

Use some alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide, you are going to be okay.

Have you ever stumped your toe, scraped your knee and farted at the same time?

I don't believe I have, but you sure have some strange questions today, makes me wonder about you.

I scraped my knee but it's not scabbing. Read description please?

If you wan't it to scab you need to let it oxidize. Once it scabs put some topical antibiotics and a bandade on it.Goodluck!