How long will a mains TV work on a 12 volt battery via an inverter?

Answer Depends on how many watts your TV works at and the capacity your battery is rated at. Once you have the TV watt rating then you can calculate how much current the TV draws whilst operating by:WattT... Read More »

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How long can you run a inverter off 2 12 volt battery's running a tv and dvd player?

I'd give your 2 times 12V batteries an approximater running time of 30mins depending on their initial state of charge!

Will a 12-volt battery run a 9-volt device?

You should never attempt to power a 9-volt device with any other type of power. Because of Ohm's Law, using a 12-volt battery for a 9-volt device will produce a current that is 33 percent higher th... Read More »

Will 200 volt appliance work in with 240 volt supply?

It will work but not as efficient as the manufacturer designed it to. If motors are involved in the appliance they will run hotter as they will draw a higher amperage due to the lower voltage. Appl... Read More »

Will a 250 volt cord work for 240 volt appliance?

wire in the us is available in 300v or 600v ratings so 300 volt is good for 120v 240v or 277V 277V is usually only used in lighting