How long will a mains TV work on a 12 volt battery via an inverter?

Answer Depends on how many watts your TV works at and the capacity your battery is rated at. Once you have the TV watt rating then you can calculate how much current the TV draws whilst operating by:WattT... Read More »

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How long can you run a inverter off 2 12 volt battery's running a tv and dvd player?

I'd give your 2 times 12V batteries an approximater running time of 30mins depending on their initial state of charge!

How long does an 18-volt battery last?

According to Black and Decker, a rechargeable 18-volt battery will last 150 to 200 charge cycles before it needs to be replaced. This estimate depends on environmental factors (for outdoor batterie... Read More »

How long does a 14.4 volt cordless drill battery charge last?

A fully charged, new, 14.4-volt nickle cadmium battery in a cordless drill will last anywhere between two to 12 hours, or more. The hardness of the material drilled or screwed, the atmospheric temp... Read More »

Can you use a 12-volt battery charger to charge a 6-volt battery?

Yes if you wish to blow yourself up!Actually I found out that if you are using a trickle charger, you can. But thanks anyway.