How long will a laptop battery last if not plugged into the wall?

Answer A new laptop battery can be expected to last at least 2 hours, even under heavy usage, when the computer is not plugged into a wall outlet. Some computer manufacturers such as Apple claim that the ... Read More »

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Is leaving a laptop plugged in too long, when the battery is done charging, bad for the battery?

No its fine. There are a lot of rumors about things like this but they're not true. Your laptop battery can not be damaged from remaining on the charger after the charging process is complete.

When a laptop is plugged in, is it using any of the battery power?

new laptops: noold laptops: yes (like 7+ yrs)

Is it ok to keep my laptop plugged even if my battery is full?

It depends on the type of battery. If it is lithium ion -- which most laptop batteries sold in the last 5 years are -- there is no advantage to unplugging it or doing a deep discharge.The idea that... Read More »

My Laptop Battery Won't Charge When Plugged In?

Laptop computers are designed to recharge the battery while the laptop is plugged into the AC adapter "brick." After a period of time, however, the battery may begin to fail to recharge fully, may ... Read More »