How long will a honey-bee nest stay around?

Answer On One Hand: A Beehive Can ThriveA honey-bee nest or beehive can stay around as long as bees live there. "Honey bees are perennial insects with colonies that survive more than one year," according ... Read More »

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Is it true that the car's engine will shut down when we are stay too long around the railway Why is it so?

No, train operations have absolutely NO effect on automobiles, none whatsoever. In fact there are vehicles called "hy rails" that have special wheels that allow them to run on the track or the high... Read More »

How long does honey stay fresh?

What kind of flower or shrub can i plant that will stay around all year?

Hello Jill,My name is Gardengail and I work for the home depot in the garden center.You could also try texas privet, abelia,boxwood,carissa. holly, photinia, escallonia, and thuja for hedges.Hope t... Read More »

How long will Blu-Ray be around?

It's hard to say... It's been a long road, Blu-Ray won the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray war in early 2008 and went into 2008 Holiday season very strong. Slowly we're seeing new releases being discounted to ne... Read More »