How long will a honey-bee nest stay around?

Answer On One Hand: A Beehive Can ThriveA honey-bee nest or beehive can stay around as long as bees live there. "Honey bees are perennial insects with colonies that survive more than one year," according ... Read More »

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How long does honey stay fresh?

How long for starlings to leave the nest?

About 3 weeks. We need our starlings Bunches, the numbers have dropped dramatically.

How long until baby birds leave the nest?

Birds fall into two categories of development, according to Precocial birds, like ducks and seagulls, are able to follow their mother from the time they hatch. Altricial birds, inclu... Read More »

How long does a honey bee sting last for?

Bee stings only last two days or so, but I've never got one on my foot. That will probably irritate it. I once got a hornet sting and put some honey on it and the pain went away really quickly, but... Read More »