How long will a car battery last after it's recharged?

Answer After a car battery is recharged with a jump start, it generally will last long enough to drive to an auto service center for battery maintenance or replacement. Turning off the vehicle, or making ... Read More »

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Can a dead car battery be recharged?

Typical car batteries are lead-acid batteries. If your car battery dies, you can recharge it with a battery charger using trickle-charge, which is continuous constant current. Other methods are the... Read More »

How often does a golf cart battery need to be recharged?

Golf cart batteries, like most rechargeable batteries, wear out slightly with each charge. Thus, the time that a charge lasts will diminish slightly with each use. Initially, golf cart batteries ar... Read More »

Can a regular AA alkaline battery be recharged?

It's possible to recharge an alkaline battery in a special charger, provided the battery still has over 50 percent of its original charge. Battery manufacturers recommend against recharging alkalin... Read More »

Can a regular 1.5 volt alkaline battery be recharged?

You can recharge a regular 1.5 volt alkaline battery, provided it has some charge left in it. Regular alkaline batteries have a recharging limit of 10 to 15 times. To recharge an alkaline battery, ... Read More »