How long will VCR players continue to be made?

Answer You can still buy players for Vinyl records - and there are thousands and thousands of VHS video cassettesaround the world - I think it will be a very long time yet before the humble VCR leaves us ... Read More »

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How long will Windows XP continue to be supported?

This is an interesting question, with an enlightening perspective. Some will not relate, because they have no idea of a computer world beyond that directed by the Monopoly of Redmond or the Dictato... Read More »

How Long Will a Smoke Detector Continue to Chirp?

Most common residential smoke detectors run on a 9-volt battery and will emit a chirping noise at regular intervals until the battery is changed or properly installed. Change the smoke detector bat... Read More »

How long will coughing continue after quitting smoking?

On One Hand: Up to Four WeeksAfter you quit smoking, the cilia cells of the lungs begin to repair themselves and re-grow. These hair-like cells are responsible for filtering the air in the lungs ar... Read More »

How long do you think family guy and American dad will continue to make new episodes?

The new episodes of family guy are so dire. With the Cleveland show very likely to be cancelled, Cleveland will move back into Family guy probably saving the show and giving it at least another two... Read More »