How long will VCR players continue to be made?

Answer You can still buy players for Vinyl records - and there are thousands and thousands of VHS video cassettesaround the world - I think it will be a very long time yet before the humble VCR leaves us ... Read More »

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How long after you fell pregnant did you continue to TTC?

My husband is still asking why our "nephew" is at our place every night.

How long do you continue doing rescue breathing?

As long as I safely could for as long as they are responding till they can breath on their own, relief arrives, or they are dead.

How long will Windows XP continue to be supported?

This is an interesting question, with an enlightening perspective. Some will not relate, because they have no idea of a computer world beyond that directed by the Monopoly of Redmond or the Dictato... Read More »

How many days after the Lord made the rain stop did the waters continue to flood the earth?

The Bible does not specify the exact number of days between the end of the rain and the receding of the Great Flood's waters, but the Genesis 8 timeline indicates about nine months from the end of ... Read More »