How long will I need braces?

Answer It doesn't hurt alot :) i am 15 and I had braces for 1 year and a month , I got mine off in April :).Also my bottom teeth used to come over my top too! snap :P Don't dread it , honestly lots of pe... Read More »

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How long will my friend need braces probably?

I had a somewhat similar situation to your friend. I wore braces for like 4 years. I also had 4 of my adult teeth removed to make room for my "essential" teeth to have room to straighten out. My... Read More »

What type of teeth do i have and how long will i need braces?

I had every problem imaginable, dental wise. I had to have my maxilla, upper jaw, widened with a painful metal spacer bar, i had to have full braces, I had to have little rubber bands on my braces ... Read More »

Will I need to get braces?

Bad news is, it will only be getting worse on its own.I had a simillar decision when I was your age and I blew it off and now I have to live with the consequences.Your folks are going to pay for ev... Read More »

Will I need braces!?

No, I don't think you need braces. If you are not satisfied with all answers just go visit to dentist clinic. Many dentists giving free consultation so, don't worry about fees.