How long will Colavita extra virgin oil last?

Answer Colavita USA states that their olive oil can be stored, under proper conditions, for up to two years. Keep olive oil away from heat and light. Make sure your container is tightly capped to keep air... Read More »

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If you put a raw peeled garlic clove in your extra virgin olive oil jar will ?

yes the garlic pod will rot and spoil, I did it myself before

How many pounds of almonds will it take to make a pint of extra virgin almond oil?

Why is it called extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is considered the highest grade of olive oil suitable for consumption and is believed to have many health benefits. The name is related to the fact that the oil is drawn from... Read More »

How is extra virgin olive oil made?

The world has come to love olive oil. The best oils come from the Mediterranean where the conditions are ideal for olive tree growth.HarvestingThe traditional method for harvesting olives is to lay... Read More »